Tara (taramber) wrote,


It had been a very strange and confusing evening, and by six am Willow and I were no closer to finding out what we could do about reversing the spell. Buffy - that is, human Buffy - had fallen asleep on our bed. Riley hovered over her protectively, whilst slayer Buffy - I guess I should get used to calling her "Anne", but it seems wrong somehow - helped us silently, but I couldn't help noticing that she was getting twitchy. I sensed that she needed to fight. Her whole body seemed to pulse with her desire to slay.

Eventually, as Willow fell asleep whilst reading a Sumarian volume, I suggested that we call it a night, although I found as I glanced ruefully through the window to the bright sunlight that night had called it a night long before we had! We decided we'd meet up in the evening at Mr Giles' house to work through things. Riley said he'd take Buffy back to her dorm. I was still unsure whether the two Buffies should be apart, but I didn't press the issue. Anne, apparently unfatigued despite our marathon book session, practically ran out of the building. No doubt to kill some monsters that are foolish enough to step outside in daylight. Willow warned Buffy to stay in her room and let Riley look after her, as we couldn't be sure what might come looking for her. I suggested that maybe she should put off telling her mom about what happened until we know more, but I don't know if she'll listen. She seemed to want her mother, and who can blame her?

Willow and I crashed out for a few hours and then got to research again. It takes a lot to make my sweetie skip classes, so this must be a big emergency. However, despite all our efforts, and the Scooby meeting in the evening, we came up with nothing. No one can work out how to put the 2 Buffies together. And even more alarmingly, it seems that the longer the Buffies are apart, the less inclined they are to be put back together. What if that translates to them becoming truly separate and thus impossible to rejoin? If Buffy and Anne become individuals, instead of 2 halves of a whole, we may never be able to get them back together. And who knows what that might mean?
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